POLITICS 2016-2018

UPDATE 10/8/2018

Women Marchers

and Protesters:


We are lucky that

California and similar thinking states

will never go back to

the time before ROE.

Let's help make other states be like us!

UPDATE 7/26/2018

Trump Voters:

What will it take for you

to realize


you made a mistake?


UPDATE 4/4/2017

They are at it again! 

A new Texas law will

 " encourage doctors to withhold information from parents about an unborn child's disability ".

A new (4/4/2017) book 

"A moral argument for choice" Dr. Willie Parker


UPDATE 01/24/2017

Years ago, I worked in a Federally subsidized

medical clinic when a GAG order not to talk to patients

about contraception and abortion was started.

Of course, my patients came first and I disobeyed.

Today, President Trump is ordering GAG orders through out

especially to EPA and to research scientists.

There is something wrong at the top!


 Since 1980 when the Republicans produced an anti-choice
platform, I found voting quite easy. I am firmly pro-choice. I lived
through (as a doctor) the times when abortion was
illegal and after it became legal. There was a HUGE difference
to women patients - no longer did they die from septic (infection)

We must keep abortion legal and safe.

updated  Nov 9, 2016

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