[I just watched H. L. Gates, Jr. Finding your Roots

 Norman Lear

Norman Lear and David Susskind were(???) my (Morris Karelefsky) father's 

second cousin]

Genealogy of the Karelefsky [Korolevsky] family

(Manuel Leon Karelefsky is Manuel Leon Karell, M.D. aka manny karell, mkarell)

(Manny Karell is a graduate from Long Island University-LIU)

(Manny Karell is a graduate from College of Medicine, Howard University)

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Names in this family
Morris Karelefsky Moisey Korolevsky
Leah Karelefsky [Miskin] Chaje Korolevsky
Sol Karalefsky Samuel Korolevsky
Sarah Korolevsky [Stein] Sarah Korolevsky

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Sarah Koirlefsky??
husband Joseph Stein
children Jack Stein

Manuel Stein

Arnold Stein


Sol Karalefsky
wife xxx
children Muriel




Leah Karelefsky
husband Abraham Miskin
children Joe Sol Miskin

Daniel Miskin

David Miskin

Martin Miskin

Myrna Miskin [Obrzut]

Roslyn Miskin [Sclar]



Morris Karelefsky
wife Pearl Rose Wittlin


Joel Karelefsky

Manuel Karelefsky [Karell]


















Pearl Rose Wittlin's family to follow

Manny and Maxine Karell have one child  MIRIAM KARELL