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Black Lives Do Matter


updated: Jan. 27, 2021

We are being warned...

Do The Right Thing!



update 10/20/2020
I care...Do You?

545 children are "lost"
or should I say 
545 children are "TRUMPed"

The Courts want to know where are they?



updated: 9/26/2020

I love the Idea 

that Mr. Bloomberg can

actually produce a 2020 election effect!!!


Because of an 11th Circuit appeals court ruling on Sept. 11, 

an estimated 774,000 Floridians who have already served their time

 in jail or prison are not eligible to vote in the 2020 election 

until they pay the fines and fees associated with their sentences.

[IMHO] This is a poll tax.

So instead of spending money on ads

as he plans to, 

according to The Washington Post, 

Mr. Bloomberg might seriously consider 

reallocating the money he has earmarked for Florida

 to pay off the debts of formerly incarcerated people who have completed their prison terms.


UPDATED: 9/24/2020


updated: 8/26/2020


The great American CDC is no longer great 

since it has been Trumped:


"Diagnostic testing to identify persons infected 

with severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) 

infection is central to control the global pandemic of COVID-19


"In a few countries, the use of diagnostic testing on a massive scale 

has been a cornerstone of successful containment strategies. 

In contrast, the United States, hampered by limited testing capacity, 

has prioritized testing for specific groups of persons."

(Annals Internal Medicine  Jun 2, 2020)


The AG Predicament


The Expected Outcome

Trump is found "not guilty"


The next election will be won

or lost

on whether women of color


"The Root Presidential Black Power Rankings 
will be ending at the South Carolina primary, 
which means we only have about three more weeks 
before no one out there is really paying 
any weekly attention to what black people
 (you know, the most important voting
 bloc for one of two functional political parties in America)
 really think about the presidential candidates." (Jason Johnson, The Root)



Wednesday, December 18, 2019




  We must also stop


misuse of presidential power used against



updated: 12/18/19


update: July 12, 2019

It is obvious that I believe

Donald Trump should not remain President...

Here are my reasons:

1. ...of course! Need I say more?

2. President Obama worked very hard to

increase the number persons insured and Trump is 

doing everything he can to take away 

insurance from millions... why? WHY?

There is no doubt that we spend

too much on medical care - 18.5% of GDP.

(Unchecked, the health care dollar will jump 

to 25% in the next few years. We must 

reduce the cost to around 10% of GDP 

or we won't have roads, education etc.)

I believe that making "business"

the defacto delivery of health care is 


 The rise of employer-sponsored coverage

Health care is a human right, not a privilege.

We have developed the worst system: forcing 

business to compete adding healthcare as

another "fringe benefit" creates

significant havoc to delivery of  medical 

care (and also creating most bankruptcies); 


doing great injustice by treating medical

care as if it were "just like any other



What are Employers' Healthcare Insurance Requirements Under the Affordable Care Act?

Learn what the Affordable Care Act (ACA) means for large and small employers in 2019.


80% of the insurance for health care is provided via the employer;

insurance administrative fees runs anywhere between 10-18% whareas 

Medicare administrative fees runs 3% of the health care dollar;

insurance health care premiums are expensive;

any person presenting to an emergency room, whether they have

medical insurance or not, will get medical care;

most persons having employer-provided insurance think they 

have good quality insurance and wish to keep it. (Don't forget

Trump is gutting Obamacare, and getting rid of "previous medical


So, let's talk about "MEDICARE for ALL:"

most persons who have Medicare like it and wish to continue it;

MEDICARE for ALL means universal coverage, a single payer, and taxes

paying for everything! (Reminder, you will not be paying

insurance premiums, exorbitant executive salaries and large

administrative fees.)

and, of course, there will be reason to continue having health

insurance until there is universal coverage!

I believe healthcare is a right; I believe having insurance is wasteful

and counter-productive to good quality medical care; I believe the delivery

of medical care should not be capitalistic profit business.




UPDATE: May 3, 2019

Health care is the most

significant issue.

We must get universal coverage!


UPDATE 10/8/2018

Women Marchers

and Protesters:


We are lucky that

California and similar thinking states

will never go back to

the time before ROE.

Let's help make other states be like us!

UPDATE 7/26/2018

Trump Voters:

What will it take for you

to realize


you made a mistake?


UPDATE 4/4/2017

They are at it again! 

A new Texas law will

 " encourage doctors to withhold information from parents about an unborn child's disability ".

A new (4/4/2017) book 

"A moral argument for choice" Dr. Willie Parker


UPDATE 01/24/2017

Years ago, I worked in a Federally subsidized

medical clinic when a GAG order not to talk to patients

about contraception and abortion was started.

Of course, my patients came first and I disobeyed.

Today, President Trump is ordering GAG orders through out

especially to EPA and to research scientists.

There is something wrong at the top!


 Since 1980 when the Republicans produced an anti-choice
platform, I found voting quite easy. I am firmly pro-choice. I lived
through (as a doctor) the times when abortion was
illegal and after it became legal. There was a HUGE difference
to women patients - no longer did they die from septic (infection)

We must keep abortion legal and safe.

updated: 1/27/2021

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